Cattle 2015

The heifers arrived in February.

We started to “cake-break” them, so they will come when we call them and get used to have people around them

In March/April the calves were being born. We checked the herd regularly and kept an eye on the momas that were close to giving birth.

Once the little one was born it got tacked and vaccinated – which can be quite a task – depending on how protective the new mom is.

In May we had the brandings, where the calves were getting their brand. They got caught, treated and turned out to moma cow again.

After that, they went out to pasture and enjoyed the summer.

The brandings are always fun (for the people ;-) ) and all the neighbors come over to help. Good food and company rank these events high on the wanted scale. :-)

We check on the cattle during the summer, ride the fences, switch pastures and bring escapees home or where they belong.

In October / November the calves were brought home and shipped off, while the cows are being pregtested and send back out to pasture, where they stay over the winter, until it is time to bring them in for calving again.