Cow Camp Billy 2014

This year we went several times to Billy Greer´s Cowcamp. Originally a friend of Duncan´s we were able to go and ride in this terrific country of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. We were gathering cattle about 20 miles from home to bring them back over a mountain top. Coming down steep hills with the cows a runnin and the whips cracking there was either silence or strong swearing by some going on. Nothing you would want to repeat here ... :-). But in the end everybody made it down and while sitting and having steak for dinner everybody was in high spirits about an accomplished task. Billy being an excellent cook and Diana providing the after supper music... it was a day to remember. Also a day to remember was when we went there another time and got lost. Even our main scout (Tony) was shortly disoriented and after being separated from Billy in hot pursuit of some unwilling cattle we felt shortly veryyy lost in those biiiig mountains with the dark approaching ... made it back right for suppertime tho again ;-)