DSR in TV 2015

A german TV Team – from “Arte Entdeckungen” came to visit in July.

Originally they just wanted to stay at the ranch and do some filming for their show of the “Forgotten America” at nearby places, but after meeting us, they changed their minds and started filming here as well.

The actors were Marie Bäumer (Uschi in “Der Schuh des Manitu”) and “Hawk”, a guy who did a trip from New Mexico to Canada several years ago and now shows her the way he took and the places he went and they revive his trip that way.

Supposedly they will be airing a sequel of 5 shows in spring 2016.

They want to do one show for each state that they crossed (or something like that) and we will be in the Montana episode.

So, keep your eyes peeled.

This was the first time, that our horses were confronted with a flying drone zig zagging all around them (you can see it in some of the pictures), but other then being really attentive and watchful they didn´t really care that much.

I think Tony was more bothered by it then the horses, because it sounded like a giant mosquito when it flew by ;-)