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Double Spear-Two crow program

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For as far as the eyes can see we gather cattle on the Two Crow to help a friend (Travis) Pic 10. This over 98,000 acre ranch (600 mother cows and 3000 yearling steers) is deep in the rough CMR country of the Missouri Breaks in Montana. This adventure is the cowboy way in big country with long hours; hunger, tired sore muscles and changing horses to keep going is the riding branding shipping and moving life on this ranch.

Our offering is a participation in this life style as part of the double spear working cattle guest ranch stays in Montana. There is never a trip the same and the task at hand will change from early spring to late fall. There are openings this fall for drives to ship and to work the mother cows before winter sets. You will be riding in the big Elk country sightings daily (pic 5). Fishing is available where enjoying ranch meals with a fire side nip of the favorite bottle and maybe some music to finish the night. The following pics 1,2,3,4,6,7,12,13,14,16,,17   are random exerts of the day. Horses and riders are transported by trailer to working areas and trailers are moved 10-20-30 miles to retrieve riders at the end of the trail-day Pic 15.when the sun is setting and dark makes cowboy’s radar work then u have pretty sunsets (pic sunset1-2) and good feelings of job well done.

 DSR is involved with the T C  at various times of the working spring-summer-fall(yet this fall) and will accept “experienced riders” in groups to make the trip worth the extra traveling and planning…this will necessitate communication of the whos, whens and howmuchs for the extra involvements. All food bed rolls and travels is included for an exciting time. DSR STAYS WILL START AT THE DSR horses fit to riders and preparation made to go and then come home in time for vacations ending. Individual costs will possibly vary depending on number of guests …6-9 is our target numbers…3-4 will work at higher cost.