The Double Spear Crew

This is Tony, he is the head honcho of the place, Cowboy of old school.  His word is the law. He says his hearing is bad and his memory is as short as his belly button, but try to say something in german in another room than he is in and he is gonna be yelling thru the house: “speak English” (and I think his belly button is longer than he wants to admit too!

:If you go out with him to work cows, you better be on your toes and pay attention, cause that’s business and he doesn’t mess around when it comes to the safety of human and animal.

Riding with him is the best experience ever. He knows the Pryor Mountains like the back of his hands, and he can tell stories about anything and everything. (Sometimes you have to be selective in what to believe and what not, but it´s always a good story!!! :-)
And then you try and keep dry on a hot summer day … yeah … good luck with that, he posses water pistols in parts of the house you (or I for that matter) don’t even know about  J He cusses a lot about the dam computer, but he is on there every day to answer and read his email!

This is Heidi,  Tony’s alien wife, 0.5 boss and English butcher (says the cap that she got from her beloved husband). She likes to spent time with her hubby and the guests and takes care of the animals, rides, trains horses (groundwork with the youngsters) and likes to shoot … the dogs love her (presumably), cause she lets them come into the house from time to time. Some days she gets swallowed by the office and after that she is always glad to reappear. She mainly does the cooking at the ranch and sometimes her german influence gets the better of her. That´s when she spices up the meals with more than salt and pepper and she frequently gets into trouble for that. :-)

This is Kim, Tony´s little alien no 1, oldest daughter of Heidi. She is not so little anymore.  18 – coming on 19 proud years and of those 7 years under Tony’s influence. She is recovering from that in Billings Montana State University now, where she studies to become a grade school teacher. On special occasions and in the summer time she can be seen flying along the highway towards her old home, with her orange beetle  <slug bug orange> :-)
She is an excellent flute player in Band, and has a horse called “Angel”, which is really not the appropriate name for that horse!! She works with another horse and would like to try to barrel race in rodeos! She likes to spent time with her friends, her horse and all the people she meets when we have guests here. You can mail her at this address and it may take a while, but you’ll get an answer … :-

This is Leonie, Tony´s little alien no 2 (and yes, the government calls all of us aliens! We even have alien registration numbers!). She goes to school in Bridger  – 11th. grade. “Sweet 16”  – 17 this year. She plays basketball on the Bridger Scouts Team and you better get rid of that ball really quick when she goes for it!!  She plays the Drums in Band and she doesn’t want to ride a horse very bad. She prefers a 4-wheeler or dirt bike (she is working on getting one). Shopping is a great passion and according to Tony, she has a boyfriend in every town within 100 miles. She loves to tease Tony (Tony: “Mess with the bull and you get the horns”) and she gets the horns all the time, but turns around and does it right over. I really don’t know where she got that from … “no” is not in her vocabulary :-)
If you start an argument with her, you will most likely loose and we have recommended to her, to start a career as  lawyer. With her very distinct sense of justice and her attitude of “going for it”, it never gets boring around her.
She is on the computer very regularly and you stand a good chance of getting a mail back.... :-)

This is Duke. He is the boss of all the mutts around this place. He is the first one to be huddled and cuddled. The first one in the pool (or better in the water trough for the horses) on a hot summer day and the first one in line when we have a barbecue going on. He tries to sneak into the house when the door opens and he is the biggest chicken when somebody shoots a gun (thinks the sky is falling on his head or something). Don’t tell him he is not a human – he thinks he is!  And his email is under construction...... but you can use the contact formular